STEM Education For Middle School

Creativity is the secret sauce to science, technology, engineering, and math…” 

Education is constantly evolving and incorporating real-world applications. One of the more recent additions to the education system to foster this is the incorporation of STEM education. You may have heard about the benefits of STEM in research articles or have seen it firsthand by your children completing a fun homework assignment that incorporates several important subjects combined. 


So, what is STEM education and why is it so important for learners today? STEM stands for, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; important subjects when you look at higher-level education and career choices. It is especially helpful for preparing students for middle school and beyond! 


Benefits of STEM Education 


The benefits of STEM are endless. The main purpose behind STEM education is to have all of the topics (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) taught together. In order words, each of these subjects become intertwined with each other and taught in a way that shows how one subject is directly correlated with another. This type of learning cannot be found in a traditional school setting and is one of the reasons why Beth Emet School’s curriculum is so valuable! 


STEM education is a great way to help increase students’ critical thinking skills. It encourages students to explore their curiosity and to look at the “why” behind events and how to explore on their own to determine an answer. This is a great skill to learn as it helps prepare students for their chosen career path and other obstacles that may come their way. It is also a great way to help children become innovative thinkers.  


STEM can be incorporated in everyday learning activities, at school, and in the home setting as well. It teaches essential educational skills and meaningful life lessons. Beth Emet School has curated a list of fantastic STEM activities you can incorporate daily:


Build a Catapult STEM Challenge


Who doesn’t love hands-on activities? Building a catapult with your children and launching some objects (safely) can help to develop sequencing skills and follow a design process. The best part is, this activity teaches physics to our kids, in a fun way! You can do this easily at home or in school by using craft sticks, rubber bands, a milk cap, and some cotton balls. 


Volcano Engineering STEM Activity


This one is always a class favorite because it really shows how combining elements can make a huge impact. Students can easily make a volcano out of playdough or clay, put some baking soda and food coloring inside, pour some vinegar on top, and watch it change and explode! 


STEM Baking Soda Rocket Launch


Another great way to get middle school students engaged and hands-on is through creating a Baking Soda Rocket. This STEM challenge helps them learn and understand chemical and physical reactions. It also is an interactive way to teach Science lessons of energy, forces, and motion. You can make a rocket out of a soda bottle, put some mentos in and watch it fly! 


STEM Math Hunt


A STEM Math Hunt helps students to become inquisitive problem solvers. This type of STEM challenge can be individualized to fit each child’s needs. It can also serve as an educational review, where students can practice skills in a fun, engaging way. STEM learning is not only fun for children but extremely educational as well! Learn more about the STEM curriculum at Beth Emet School.