Beth Emet School places an emphasis on STEM education.  As such, we have equipped our STEM Lab with zSpace Computer Systems.  zSpace is an interactive hardware and software platform that allows users to visualize, create and experience in ways not possible in a traditional computer environment. This virtual reality environment gives depth to the digital learning experience by improving the ways things are studied, explored, and designed. The programs used on the zSpace computers are supplemental to our Science curriculum.  These programs allow our students to experience different areas of science such as Biology, Anatomy, Earth Science, and Physical Science.


Science is a systematic investigation of the ever-changing world around us.  Our students utilize the scientific method as a means to derive specific concepts or ideas.  These concepts become the basis for further exploration of our scientific world.  Students actively construct ideas through their own inquiries, investigations, and analyses, and gain an understanding of scientific topics through hands-on experiments.


Our Technology curriculum is designed to teach practical computer literacy and digital fluency. This is implemented through the use of various devices and platforms; from Android tablets in centers and a 1:1 iPad program, to personal Chromebooks and cloud computing. The curriculum is based on hands-on experiences with a focus on students learning how to utilize technology by creating practical projects using a variety of applications and software.  Students work on becoming proficient with Google Drive, allowing for more collaboration, connectivity, and interactivity.

Technology is further integrated in our classrooms through hybrid curricular programs, SMART boards/ Clear Touch TVs, and document cameras.

In addition, our upper grades are introduced to Computer Coding. This is the language of the future, and we believe that supporting STEM education can help to facilitate a student’s love for sciences and math. Coding opens the doors for our students to be able tap into their creative, scientific, engineering, and mathematical minds.