“Choosing to keep our son at Beth Emet School was one of the best decisions we ever made, money well spent! …Thank you for caring, teaching and continuously being there for our family.”


2024-2025 Tuition & Fee Schedule

Kindergarten                                    $17,650

Grade 1 – Grade 5                           $18,750

Grade 6 – Grade 8                           $19,850

A $1,000 early registration incentive is available for applicants whose registration & deposit are received by January 26, 2024.

Beth Emet School families receive a Temple membership for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Additional Fees:

  • Application for admission for each new student must be submitted with a non-refundable registration/assessment fee of $350 for grades K – 5/ $450 for grades 6 – 8, and a $1000 tuition deposit.
  • Continuing students pay $200 registration fee and $1000 tuition deposit.
  • Each family is assessed a $750 building operations fee, and a $800 security service fee.
  • A $400 activity fee and a $550 technology fee are assessed per student in grades K-8.
  • Each family is responsible for a contribution of $500 to the school Annual Fund.
  • BES Middle School requires the use of a laptop per student in grades 6 – 8. Purchase of the device is the family’s responsibility (minimum specifications set by the school).
  • Overnight and/or long distance trips (as applicable).
  • Uniforms are required.
  • Optional hot lunch program.

Requests for financial assistance will be addressed on a need basis and as funds are available.

To schedule a tour and learn about our innovative approach to education, call the admissions office at 954-680-1882.