In Judaic Studies, we not only focus on providing knowledge and understanding, but also on the students’ commitment to Judaic values. Jewish life is taught and experienced in school through holiday observances, Israel education, Torah studies, life cycle events and customs, as well as prayers. It is this connection between our Jewish heritage and our daily activities in school that helps foster a sense of Jewish identity in our students.

For Hebrew Language Arts, our curriculum is founded on the notion that the best learning environment for children is one in which knowledge is acquired through a variety of activities, using each of the five senses. In addition to studying from textbooks, students engage in digital, interactive, and blended learning opportunities, utilizing music, games and visual aids to acquire the Hebrew language and develop a keen understanding of Jewish concepts and values.

The students’ Hebrew and heritage literacy develops in a gradual and spiraled process, building new ideas and concepts on an expanding foundation of knowledge. The program helps foster Jewish identity by allowing children to explore their Jewish roots and traditions in fun and exciting ways. By making the study of Hebrew and Judaism relevant to the children’s everyday lives, the program enables them to develop a true appreciation of their heritage, and understand the need for continued, lifelong Jewish study.