“Jeremy was so well prepared for 6th grade, both academically and mentally. The transition from a small private school to a large public middle school proved easy and seamless for him. He earned honor roll every single semester and all his teachers recommended him for advanced classes for next year. We honestly feel he would not have excelled so greatly if it wasn’t for the amazing education he received at Beth Emet. Being schooled there gave him the confidence and motivation to study hard and strive to do his best. Choosing to keep him at Beth Emet was one of the best decisions Steve and I have ever made, money well spent! So again thank you for caring, teaching and continuously being there for our family.”


“I want to start by saying what a hard decision it was for me two years ago to choose a private school over public…I am thankful every day that I did. My daughter never says I don’t want to go to school. She always wants to go! She always wants to be there because she is nurtured, loved, engaged, and learning in the most unique and creative ways. She has come so far this year; her teachers’ fresh approach to teaching and creativity has really made this come about. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you all. For all that you do, and for helping to nurture and teach with such enthusiasm.”


“I cried again for two hours straight last night watching the graduation… You even got a few tears out of my husband! Last night’s graduation and performances, as usual, were so impressive. The culture at Beth Emet, the high leveled academics, the warmth – were so apparent last night. Mazel tov on creating what you have created at Beth Emet – it is a true gem. And we are thrilled to be a part of it.”


“Carter left Beth Emet so prepared!  He was placed in advanced classes, and he continues to thrive…He has been able to handle all of the challenges that children face as they enter middle school, including changing classes, meeting new friends, completing the requirements established by 9 teachers, and fully satisfying the higher expectations of sixth grade academics. His teachers have been very impressed with his knowledge level and his abilities. Carter has commented on many occasions that content now being presented has already been taught [at Beth Emet]…It is clear that Beth Emet has surpassed our expectations in the education of our children.”


“Shai received a full, rich, wonderful education both academically and morally…He has transitioned beautifully…Shai is a straight A student. We feel that his years at Beth Emet gave him a wonderful foundation and the skills to achieve many great things.”


“Rachel is doing amazingly well…Her first report card was amazing, making the Honor Roll. Learning Hebrew opened up her language skills. She is now taking French and ended the first quarter with a 98% average. Beth Emet’s academic standards are high and they expect the students to perform to their highest ability. There were so many great teachers who were a part of Rachel’s education. Academics aside, Beth Emet became a part of our family. The parents and staff will always remain in our hearts. We have made friendships that will last a life time…Thank you Beth Emet from the bottom of our hearts.”


“Andrew is doing awesome; if anything it seems too easy. His average is an A at this time. Andrew says that he feels that he is able to organize himself and math and language -arts are the easiest material for him.”