The Talmud teaches us that “those who provide their children with a complete Jewish education, it is as if they educated their children’s children and, in turn, their children for all generations.”  (Kiddushin 30a)

Leave a Legacy

The experience of educational excellence provides a lifelong treasure for a child; one that is not achieved by chance, but rather through the conscious decision of those who recognize the significance of quality education, and the collective efforts of those who care enough to make a difference.

Beth Emet School is searching for angels who will embrace the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy, naming a school building, and knowing they have enriched children’s lives for generations to come.

Annual Fund

With quality at the essence of the Beth Emet School educational experience, students are immersed into interactive classroom settings, with an innovative curriculum and dedicated, professional staff members.

Contributions towards the school’s Annual Fund will assist with the general operating budget and expenses, and allow us to continue our tradition of excellence through enhancement of programming, and support of teacher in-service training programs.

Campus Development Fund

Leave your imprint on the Beth Emet School journey by supporting our Campus Development Fund.  Your generous donation will be put towards expansion and improvement of school facilities and will benefit children for generations to come.

Endowment Fund

Partner with us in the creation of an endowment fund, and give a child the gift of a Beth Emet School education and all the promise that it holds.  An endowment fund will open up a world of opportunities by providing financial aid to families who would otherwise not be able to send their children here.

For more information on various giving opportunities, please call us at 954-680-1882.

Contributions made to Beth Emet School are 100% tax deductible.  Beth Emet is recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization.