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5 Tips for Transitioning from School to Summer

“The magic of summer is in childhood memories and the excitement of creating new ones.” As the school year comes to a close, middle school and elementary school students anticipate the arrival of summer—a time filled with relaxation, adventure, educational activities, and a break from the usual routine. While the idea of summer might sound […]

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The Passover Story for Kids

 The story of Passover is a powerful tale of oppression, courage, and liberation that has been told for thousands of years. This story is essential to Jewish history and tradition and teaches important lessons for children and families.    Passover emphasizes the importance of gratitude, as it encourages individuals to give thanks for the blessings […]


5 Problem-Solving Activities for Middle School

Problem-solving is an invaluable skill for middle school students to learn and experience, as it helps them hone their critical thinking abilities, build resilience, and become more independent. With each problem that crops up in front of them comes the opportunity to think outside the box and discover creative solutions. When middle school children learn […]


4 Benefits of Technology in Middle School

“Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.” Technology has been significantly evolving in recent years, and educational technology is advancing along with it. From middle school to high schoolers, raised in a technology-focused world of cell phones, laptops, televisions, and other tech gadgets, they don’t even know what it’s like not […]

Presidents Day Activities for Elementary and Middle School

President’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on the contributions that our Presidents have made in the history of the United States. Through President’s Day, children can learn about our rich political heritage and the democratic process that has shaped our nation.  The History of President’s Day  Did you know that this Holiday was originally […]

3 Ways to Promote Independent Thinking

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”   Empowering children to think independently is pivotal to setting them up for success. By encouraging problem-solving and inspiring idea generation, we can equip kids with opportunities to develop critical thinking skills that will serve them now and in real-life scenarios.  Specifically, nurturing children’s […]

4 Ways to Teach Kids About Charity and Acts of Kindness

“Kindness: It costs nothing but means everything.” Gratitude, kindness, and charity are values that should be instilled in kids from an early age so they have a strong foundation for making good choices throughout their lives.  One way to do this is by introducing them to the concept of mitzvah – doing good deeds for […]

Meaningful Learning Over Winter Break

“However enjoyable the holidays may have been, there is always a pleasurable excitement about going back to school…”   During winter break, students enjoy quality time with family and friends and can also have a fun-filled time practicing learned skills through hands-on, meaningful activities outside the classroom setting.  Having opportunities for research, practice, and studying […]