Meaningful Learning Over Winter Break

“However enjoyable the holidays may have been, there is always a pleasurable excitement about going back to school…”


During winter break, students enjoy quality time with family and friends and can also have a fun-filled time practicing learned skills through hands-on, meaningful activities outside the classroom setting. 

Having opportunities for research, practice, and studying over winter break helps children maintain learning momentum while encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving in a different space. It’s a great way to make learning a habit and teaches children that we can learn something new everywhere as a lifelong practice – not just something associated with being in school. 

Fostering Learning Opportunities in New Settings

Elementary and middle school students can make this time off from school more productive and inspiring by fostering learning opportunities in new settings during breaks. We can help to show students how to turn any environment into a chance to learn something new and how to learn from their surroundings, all while spending time with peers and family. 

During the break, “learning” can have a whole new meaning. So instead of only focusing on school content, you can try out some engaging activities to get your students’ minds going – making the world their classroom.

1. Learn Through Adventure. 

Create a new adventurous experience by trying a new activity or place that piques your child’s interest. Think about fascinating museums, beautiful beaches, exciting places, and parks. From historical sites to kid-friendly activities, Florida is the perfect place for a family vacation that is educational and fun!

2. Practice Real Life Skills in the Kitchen!

Include your children in the kitchen by involving them in hands-on cooking activities. Ask them to cook a meal for the entire family with your help. Letting kids help with everyday tasks, like stirring ingredients or using measurement tools for adding spices into a dish, helps them to feel included while practicing real-life skills.

3. Start a Family Game Night. 

STEM board games are not only beneficial for learning, but they are also a great way to involve every family member and get everyone’s mind working. You can start with an easy-to-learn word association card game that requires creativity and imagination or opt for a fast-paced pattern recognition game that reinforces STEM skills like sequencing and planning. Add even more excitement by giving out awards to the winners of each game!

4. Have a Family Movie Marathon! 

Pick a theme and genre, make some snacks, and relax and enjoy quality time with those you love most! And, after the credits roll, have an insightful conversation about what you just watched. It’s an excellent opportunity to practice comprehension, identify cause and effect, and apply other reading skills. 

5. Have a Creative Crafts Day!

If your children enjoy arts and crafts activities, plan a craft day! Have children pick from various activities, like painting and drawing or making jewelry and collages. All you need to do is give them some supplies and see what beautiful or intriguing things their minds come up with!

Brain-Engaging Activities for Winter Break and Beyond

In addition, there are other great ways to practice new things! For example, if your family is in need of a new house appliance, allow your child to help with the research. They can compare prices, features, and functions of competing brands. This exercise will promote computer and research skills through technology. 

Winter break is the perfect time to get our students’ minds working in new and exciting ways. By incorporating fun and engaging activities to stimulate their minds during the break, we can help them return to Beth Emet School fully refreshed and ready to learn new things in 2023!