Home Routines to Prepare Students for Back-to-School

“Mindset, habits, and routines are the building blocks for success toward reaching your goals…”

After having several weeks off from school and enjoying fun-filled summer months, getting back into a routine can be challenging for both children and parents. To best prepare children for the changes that are yet to come, it is helpful to begin practicing for the new change in routine at home before school begins. Incorporating a daily routine over the last few days or weeks of summer can help children ease back into these changes with a better mindset.

Daily routines in school and at home have many benefits on child development. Not only does structure help students to achieve better overall academic goals, but it also supports children in developing greater independence, and enhancing both communication and social skills. A daily routine is beneficial for individuals of all ages, especially elementary and middle school children.

Research shows that for most elementary school children, having a daily schedule positively impacts their overall well-being. It helps them to feel a sense of safety, certainty, and normalcy. Having this in place also encourages children of all ages to learn how to create balance in life, between enjoyable activities and academic or functional tasks.

When preparing children for middle school it is helpful to talk about the upcoming changes that are taking place. This can be done by reviewing the class schedule in advance, setting a new daily routine at home, organizing materials for class ahead of time, and incorporating daily reading of longer chapter books and time for discussions.

Some of the best ways to support children as they transition back-to-school begins in the home setting. This can be done successfully by introducing them to a visual calendar in their bedroom or personal workspace and involving them in planning their day. As the start date for the first day of school comes closer and closer, it is also recommended to begin implementing a sleep routine and staying consistent. Children benefit from between 9-12 hours of sleep per day and function best after a good night’s sleep.

Developing a routine with your child can help them to cope with any changes that are taking place. Some other ways to best prepare is by beginning to have children wake up at a certain time and eat a healthy breakfast.

Need help preparing a daily routine for your child? Beth Emet School is excited to welcome children back to school. Need help with enrollment or getting your school uniforms? Contact us for details and keep a look out for an up-to-date calendar.