Our technology curriculum is designed to teach computer mastery skills and digital fluency. This is implemented through the use of various devices and platforms. In the kindergarten and first grade classes, our students use Android tablets in centers, while our second grade class has a 1:1 iPad program. In our intermediate grades, each student is assigned a personal Chromebook. The goal is to provide students with practical computer literacy in a challenging academic environment. The curriculum is based on hands-on experiences with a focus on students learning how to utilize technology by creating practical projects using a variety of applications and software.

Technology is further integrated in our classrooms through hybrid curricular programs, SMART boards, document cameras, and a full computer lab.

In addition to computer mastery skills, our fourth and fifth graders are taught Computer Coding. This is the language of the future, and we believe that supporting STEM education can help to facilitate a student’s love for sciences and math. Coding opens the doors for our students to be able tap into their creative, scientific, engineering, and mathematical minds.