At Beth Emet Elementary, we respect the privacy of our donors and are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all fundraising efforts. We do not share, loan, trade, or sell our donor list to any other organization.

We collect and use information about our donors, including name, address, phone number, email address, and giving history. The information is kept on file for IRS purposes and is also used by our school to analyze overall giving patterns in order to make more accurate budget projections and plan for the future. Information on our donors is password protected and may only be accessed by individuals who need such information to perform their assigned duties.

To publicly recognize and thank donors for their generosity, we publish a monthly bulletin that includes a list of donor names. Individuals who wish to remain anonymous for this publication purpose should contact the School Office at 954-680-1882×117.

All records of donations to Beth Emet Elementary are maintained by the school according to the applicable standards of record retention in effect at the time of donation. All records will be maintained in a secure location of the organization and will be maintained as confidential to the extent permitted by law.