Judaica High School

New studies show that the human brain is still growing and forming until we reach the age of twenty-five. It is between the ages of thirteen and twenty-five that we should continue to provide our children with the opportunities to examine, ponder, discuss and explore that Jewishness that we want to pass on to them. This is the greatest gift we can give our children: Our heritage, Our Jewishness.

Our Temple Beth Emet Judaica High School was created to serve this purpose. The classes are thought out to stimulate and help create a solid internal Jewishness our children can take with them into their adult lives. Our objective is to provide a broader Jewish view to the post Bar/Bat Mitzvah mind with the intent of fermenting thought and action.

The Tenth Grade Confirmation class is the highlight of our Judaica High School program. Together with Cantor Jan Sheer the tenth graders explore a broad variety of challenging ideas by experiencing and discussing interesting, varied and current topics, such as bioethics and ethical issues through the media, debating on how Jewish law and ethics come together and evolve into provocative discussions. A weekend Confirmation Class Retreat is planned with the purpose to help the students solidify as a group and to learn about themselves and each other. As a peer group, away from their normal atmosphere, in a safe environment, introspective discussions are led by our clergy and school administration. The year culminates on Shavuot with a Confirmation service written and led by our 10th grade students.

In order to give the post Confirmation classes a source for keeping the conversation going, 11th and 12th grade students meet with the clergy once a month for engaging discussions. Through the Central Agency for Jewish Education, we also offer dual enrollment and college credit classes on our campus.

For more information, please call 954-680-1882, or visit http://templebethemet.org/index.php/judaica-high-school